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For foreign customers

Hello, dear friend!

Welcome to my small postcard shop! Please, choose all what you want and I will send these cards to any part of the world!

! You can translate shop pages with Google's help: 

All our prices are in russian rubles. So, one postcard = 15 rubles = 0,26 Euro = 0,30 $.

You can pay by PayPal (admin@amelie-cards.ru) or YandexMoney or QiwiWallet.

You will get two automatic letters to your e-mail in russian. There will be the list of your booked goods and the invitation to subscribe to newsletters. After it please wait for my personal letter with the individual calculation of delivery.

How does international delivery cost? It depends on quantity of postcards. In any case I will check weight of the parcel to make the individual calculation for you.

You can orient on these numbers:

for 1-15 postcards delivery

- without tracking: 110 rubles = 1,8 Euro = 2 $

- with  tracking: 240 rubles = 4 Euro = 5 $

for 16-35 postcards delivery

- only with tracking : 360 rubles = 6 Euro = 7 $

for 35-70 postcards

- only with tracking: 540 rubles = 8 Euro = 10 $

This currency conversion is actual for 01.01.18.

You will get all information about delivery and payment in the individual letter about your order. Sometimes I answer with a delay, don't worry, I will write you as soon as I can :)